Thursday, 2 March 2017

Are you getting ready for VCAP6-NV and VCAP6-DCV?

For all VMware Aspirants we would like to share some Updates in VCAP6 Certification procedures.

Vmware had originally planned to retire the VMware Certified Advanced Professional (VCAP) certification altogether.  However, based upon customer feedback they reversed that decision. For v6 the VCAP level will not be going away. You can get VCAP6 Design and/or a VCAP6 Deployment certification once you pass VCAP6 exams. Now own VMware will give special recognition to those that earn both Design and Deployment certifications. So if you earn earn both VCAP6 Design and VCAP6 Deployment certifications will be awarded the VMware Certified Implementation Expert 6, VCIX6 certification for that track. There are no additional requirements – earn both VCAP6 Design and VCAP6 Deployment certifications and you will automatically receive VCIX6 certification.
vcix certification

The VCIX6-NV certification will continue to be a little different for the foreseeable future. There will only be a VCIX6 Deployment exam and a VCIX-NV certification can be earned by passing the related Exam.

So in order to become a VCIX6 certification Design and deployment skills are critical. So high time to sharpen your knowledge and to pass VCIX and VCAP6 exams. 
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vcix certification, vcap6 certification

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